Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Two Week Appointment

I love his Dumbo outfit

after a bath

Daddy and Luke

forehead wrinkles

peaceful baby

I wanted to do my first "One Word Wednesday," but I have to talk about Luke's first doctor's appointment, so maybe next week. Luke went to Dr. Miller's office in Leonardtown and was a very good baby. I was starting to get really anxious because he only goes about two hours between feedings and I was waiting and waiting and I just kept thinking by the time I get into the exam room he's going to be hungry and freaking out! But, we were seen just in the nick of time and even though he got a prick in his heel he really didn't cry very hard. He's 7 lbs, 2 oz so he's gained about five and a half ounces since birth. Makes me feel good because you really do wonder if they're getting enough food when you're nursing... although the milk coma that usually comes after eating is a pretty good indication. The hospital measured him at 21" long at birth and today they measured him at 19 3/4." I guess the hospital measured him wrong, too bad I've already ordered announcements with 21" on them. I thought he was really strong for only being two weeks old, and the dr. agreed that he is very strong. He holds his head up really well, kicks pretty hard and can roll from his back to his side a little bit already. So, overall everything looks great and he's a healthy growing boy!


  1. Patty he is soooooo adorable!!!! I love seeing pictures of him, so just keep posting, k?!
    Glad to hear he's doing so well!

  2. I agree with Brandy. Luke is TOO CUTE!!

    I copied a picture of Luke that you put on your blog and emailed it to my Mom. The subject was "Guess who this precious baby belongs too" (it was the picture of Luke with his eyes closed, close up). She said "OMG, he looks like Tommy Baldwin. Is that Tommy and Patty's new baby." LOL But, in this new post, with his eyes open, I can definitely see his Momma in him too! I am so happy for you and Tommy!