Friday, October 16, 2009

Daycare Week

My Mom stayed behind in Ocean City until last night, so Luke spent Tuesday-Thursday at my friend Cyndi's "As I Grow" daycare. Katie and Claire (my friend Sarah's girls) go to the same daycare, so Luke had friends there. Katie would start saying Baby Luke! as soon as he walked in the door and Cyndi said she continued to say it all day. It sounded a little like "Yuke." So cute! He did very well at Cyndi's and I'm so thankful that when my Mom's not around I have someone who I know and completely trust taking care of him. So, here's pictures from each morning before we left, just because he's so cute :)


Wednesday (he looks super sleepy in this one)



  1. Look at the Hurley shirt with the jeans...I think that's the cutest outfit I've ever seen! I bet he was the best dressed kid at daycare!

  2. Oh my goodness, he is so handsome!! And, he's getting so big! It's amazing how much he's grown just from your last post! :)