Friday, October 16, 2009

A Little Behind...

So I'm just now getting around to blogging about my fabulous weekend last week. I rode up with my Mom, Luke, Bonnie, and Melissa on Friday afternoon. We arrived around the same time as Carrie and Ryan, my Dad was already there, and Tommy and Steve couldn't come until Saturday. Friday night we went out and got some dinner and then Bonnie, Melissa, and I went to see No Green Jelly Beenz (a band from around here) at Fager's Island. You wouldn't believe how much fun we had, just the three of us. Eeeeeeverything was funny :) Saturday we went out to lunch and then to the Oktoberfest/craft fair at the Convention Center, then went out to dinner after Tommy and Steve arrived. We went out to the karaoke bar in Ocean City, The Sandbar, which is one of our favorite hot mess hangouts. It seems like no matter how awful the experience we continue to go back over and over and over and by the end of the night we always have so much fun. Tommy, Melissa, me, and Callie (friend of a friend we met up with at the bar) sang "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey... well, actually, Tommy just shouted the song into the microphone and did not share with me very well :) Sunday we went to the boardwalk, back out to dinner, and then just played games at the house because we were worn out! We went shopping on Monday and then started packing. I was really sad to come home on Monday. I always hate leaving the beach house. Every time we go I start thinking of ways that Tommy and I could move there. Nothing logical ever comes out of these thoughts. It was just a great time, Luke was spoiled rotten and got to spend lots of quality time with his family. I just feel like I laughed my way through the weekend except for brief recovery periods after each of my nights out. My Mom took great care of the baby while I went out and acted like a fool so thanks, Mama!! I look forward to this trip every year- the whole family, no matter what, all together, every October.

Right when we arrived, just hanging out on the porch at the house

Look at that lip :)

first time on the boardwalk

family shot

blowing out my birthday candles

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