Friday, October 23, 2009

The Week In Pictures

Not much to say, a pretty uneventful week since Luke's doctor's appointment. He has a really wet cough that he's had since last weekend that's really starting to worry me. He's not showing any other symptoms of being sick though, so hoping it just goes away. I mentioned it to the doctor at his appointment on Monday but I guess his chest sounded fine and she didn't find any cause for concern. It just seems like it's been hanging around for a long time now.

As you'll see in the pictures, Luke is still adorable and perfect in every way :) He has been making lots of cooing noises and kicking his legs and flailing his arms alot. He keeps his fists balled up pretty often, even when he's perfectly content. When he gets excited sometimes he punches himself in the eye, so I call them fists of fury :) Tonight as soon as I put him in the bath he started smiling SO BIG! I didn't get any pictures- the one below is from a bath earlier this week. I have a really hard time getting smiling pictures of him because as soon as I put my big black camera anywhere near his face he stops smiling. Or, if I have to use the flash it projects kind of an orange light on his face while it focuses and that always makes him stop smiling too! Speaking of my camera, it's awful! I feel like I spent at least 200.00 too much on it. Maybe I need to read up on it more and find out how to really use it, but to me, when you pay as much for a camera as we did, you should be able to put it on the auto setting and get a good shot every time. I take so many blurry pictures!!!

I love Daddy and me time!

and baths aren't so bad, either!

I like to make spit bubbles alot now!

I get bored pretty easily... can't you tell?

and sometimes I hate having my diaper changed

but other times it's not so bad!

and I give mom and dad big smiles!

tonight kicks off Halloween outfit week- he has at least one Halloween outfit per day :)

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