Sunday, February 14, 2010

First Tooth!!

I stuck my finger in Luke's fussy little mouth this morning and got poked with something sharp!! I freaked out! Tommy had run to the store and was walking in the door right when I made the discovery and I yelled to him "TOMMY! HE'S GETTING A TOOTH!!" Then, I immediately called my mother, of course. On top of being exciting just because it's a milestone, I think it made me really happy to know there's a reason why he's been a terror the past few nights. Having confirmation that he's in pain gives me much more patience.

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! I'm about to bring Luke down to my Mom's to spend the night with her. The original plan was for my sister to come down and watch him since her boyfriend is working today, but her car is stuck on the side of the street in D.C. She lives on Wisconsin Ave and has been relying on public transportation since the snow and can't get down here. So, now he's going to Grandma's and Tommy and I are just going to the restaurant in our neighborhood, half a mile from us.

Captain Super Cute yesterday

Riding in the cart like a big boy for the first time yesterday. We went to Target and Safeway and he was SO good! I got to take my time walking around the stores and didn't have to hold him while pushing a cart like I usually have to do when he starts fussing in his carrier.

my Valentine's Day hydrangeas

me and my mini valentine

Tommy and Luke reading his card together

what can I say... he's a ladies man!


  1. Caleb says bring him over here! maybe we can arrange a quick pizza delivery dinner over here this week or next? He's so cute.

  2. YAY Luke! Soon you'll be eating steak at Marsh Hall. : )