Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Simple Pleasures

I saw this on Mandi's blog and thought it was such a great idea because remembering the simple things in life is one of the easiest ways to stay happy! So, I decided to put alot of time thinking about this blog to remind myself of all the wonderful things I have to be happy about.

*Reading! I have loved to read for as long as I can remember. I love a book that's so good I can't put it down!
*When I stop complaining about the maintenance, stop complaining about the cost of chemicals, stop complaining about the cost of the electric bill... and enjoy my pool.
*A great concert
*A really good bargain or going to the grocery store and feeling like I got lots of food for the amount of money I spent
*My Mother's cooking and especially her iced tea!
*A bed made with clean sheets
*Laying in bed, listening to the rain- something Tommy and I have done together for many, many years.
*Going all by myself to get a pedicure.
*Making someone laugh really, really hard.
*Windows down, sunroof open.
*Creating a hairstyle that I'm really happy with. I've always had jobs that anybody could do, so it's really rewarding to be learning a trade that makes me special :)
*a fun day of tailgating

*Sisters <3

looking at old pictures

*Doing something adventurous

*A really fun vacation... which isn't always simple, but definitely a pleasure :)

"Inside Jokes" It's easy to have alot when you're still friends with the girls you grew up with!

*Of course, all things Luke. Since this blog is dedicated to him, I decided to focus on the non-Luke simple pleasures. But, I would say my favorite Luke pleasure is holding him when he's sleeping since that's the only time he's ever been cuddly!

*A great girls day or night out!

*Babies in swim gear (this is Claire Bear in May)

*Making things with my sewing machine like my Christmas valance and lots of other Christmas crafts this year.

I could literally think of blessings in my life all day. But, they can so easily be overshadowed by a "bad day." I am going to try to start every day by thanking God for a "simple pleasure."

What are your simple pleasures?


  1. I know, we have so much to be thankful for, but one bad day can make us forget all of it! Good idea, I think i'll start the day that way too :)

  2. I loved reading your post! It made me realize that I left a WHOLE lot out of mine! haha :)