Saturday, February 6, 2010

I have a question for my Mom readers- How do I keep Luke from rolling over in his crib? Is there something I can buy or a trick with a blanket or anything? He is constantly rolling over and then he gets so mad and can't seem to roll himself back over for some reason! It doesn't always bother him- several times last night and today I've gone to check on him and he's been on his stomach sleeping soundly, but I would rather just keep him on the back so I'm not constantly getting up and flipping him. It doesn't bother me during the day when he's napping, but I'd rather not get up at night when I don't really need to. Speaking of nights, Luke had a GREAT one last night. The best he's had in weeks. He woke up around 11 and ate and then didn't get up again until 4:40 :) Another super lazy day in the Baldwin house.
I put both boys down for a nap :) (Tommy's worn out from shoveling)

view from my front door looking across the street

view from my back door on my deck- notice that the last snow shattered my patio table on the left :( The pic on the left was taken at some time around 12 and the one on the right around 2- big difference!!


  1. Hmmm...wish I could help, but Ryder's a tummy sleeper, so I don't know. In the beginning I tried to keep him on his back using one of those Sleep Positioners (I still have it if you want to borrow it to see if that helps), but Ryder didn't like being kept in one position, so that would wake him up.

  2. Yeah, Mikayla didn't like those sleep positioners either and she was also a tummy sleeper. Hopefully you find the trick soon though! :)

  3. I had Bailey in the sleep positioner for the first month or two, but that quickly went away because she was off the thing come morning. But, I put her on her belly during the night, she wouldn't have it any other way!