Friday, February 19, 2010

Six Months!

I can't believe my baby boy is six months old today! Luke did three exciting things in the world of baby today! This morning he sat up from a laying position all by himself. He was on the couch at my mom's having his diaper changed, and he just sat right up. Then, at lunch time he ate a whole container of food for the first time. It was squash, and up until now when we give him food it's split between two meals. Today he ate it all! Then, he waved bye-bye at two different times today! Once to my Dad, and once to Bonnie and me. It was so cute! Other things about Luke:
*He's going into size 2-3 diapers and wears size 6 or 6-9 months clothes.
*He is becoming very aware of his surroundings and reaches for anything you pick up.
*Although he started out by rolling from his stomach to his back, he has now mastered rolling from his back to his stomach and once he gets on his tummy he sometimes pretends like he doesn't know how to get back over!
*He sleeps on his tummy almost all the time now.
*He seems to know his name now and will look in the direction of the person who calls him most of the time.
*He has said what sounds like "ma-ma" a couple of times now and makes lots of different sounds when he's telling us stories.
*He still loves his exersaucer and his jumper.
*He responds to singing with a big grin most of the time.
*He has a show already- he watches Jack's Big Music Show almost every morning when he gets to Grandma's. He will actually watch the whole show! After that, he's done with t.v. for the day.
*He raises up on his arms and can get his legs under him in an almost crawl stance.
*I already mentioned this, but he rode in the cart with no carrier for the first time last week. It made shopping so much easier!
*He amazes us and makes us smile and laugh every single day! It's wonderful to watch him grow and learn!

We've started giving him water in a sippy cup and he actually does pretty well with it. Sometimes he needs help holding it, and he doesn't quite grasp that he needs to tilt his head back a little to get the water.

Tonight Uncle Kirk came over for dinner and to spend time with his big six month old nephew!

I decided to take one last picture of him on his six month birthday. He always ends up with his head all jammed up in the front of his crib!

One more funny story to demonstrate how mobile he's becoming- we turn on a sound machine when he goes to sleep and set it on rain or waterfall. It's actually in his crib on the opposite end that he sleeps and it's an alarm clock as well as a sound machine. I haven't used it as an alarm clock in a couple years, but the other morning I heard something going off. I jumped out of bed really confused because I thought it was in my room. It was about 5:15 am. I finally realized it was coming from his room and he had made his way all the way to the other end of his crib and had his legs all over the alarm clock. He had somehow turned the alarm (which was still set from a couple years ago) on! He slept right through it :) The sound machine has now been moved outside of his crib!

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  1. Awe! Happy 6th Mo. So cute that he is waving good bye!!