Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snowed In!

When I came to work on Tuesday I packed Luke and I up to stay for a day or two, knowing it was going to snow. I wanted to make sure I could get to work for the next couple of days because a couple of unpaid days can really take their toll! So, the best way to make sure you'll make it to work... is to sleep where you work! So, I've gotten to wake up and instead of driving 50 minutes to work for my Dad, I've just walked downstairs. Bonnie has stayed the past two nights, too. I'm ready to get home, and Tommy misses Luke alot. It's been fun being home, though. Especially with Mom's home cooked meals the past two nights :) Here's a few pictures!

Eating in his highchair like a big boy! He loves bananas, hates sweet potatoes, and is on the fence about peas and green beans.

snuggling with Grandma

playing on his blanket

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