Tuesday, June 22, 2010

10 Months (and 9 Months, too… Whoops)

Luke turned 10 months old on Saturday! I can't believe how time is flying! I know I've said this before, but other than the required "oh my gosh, he's getting SO big!" exclamation every once in a while, I really don't get caught up in sadness over him getting so big so fast. I get really excited every month watching him reach new milestones and don't really look back on when he was a teeny tiny baby with yearning. When he turns one, that might be a different story...
Okay, so over the past two months Luke's personality has gotten so big! He loves to chatter all day long. For some reason he has pretty much stopped saying "mama" and almost exclusively on "dada" now. He also pretty much ignores "mama" when "dada" is in the room. And squirms and cries until "mama" puts him down and lets him get to his "dada." I'm not going to lie, that hurts my feelings so bad! I'm not always chopped liver, but when Dad's around, Mom doesn't get much love. He loves when we "get him." Whether crawling behind him and grabbing his legs or running toward him and tickling him, he LOVES it. As soon as you start to say "I'm gonna get you..." he gets a huge grin on his face and gets so excited!
He has started clapping the past few days. He doesn't do it when you ask him, he just does it when it feels like it. He seems to do it most of the time when he knocks a stack of blocks over, which is one of his favorite things to do.

Last month at his nine month appointment he was 18 1/2 pounds. He still wears alot of his nine month clothes, but is mostly in 12 months. He wears a size three diaper. We just heard his lead levels are high and they want us to go back to the lab for additional testing. Did anybody else go through this? I am freaking out right now! I'm trying not to jump to any conclusions, but I of course immediately googled lead poisoning and freaked! I'm going to go Thursday morning to do the additional testing.

He’s just so much fun to play with now, and we enjoy watching him smile his way through the day. 

Here he is pushing his walker toy

Please excuse shirtless Tommy in this one.  He’s mad at me for putting his “hair sweater” on my blog :)  But, the video was just too cute to pass up.  You can see him clapping a little in this one. 

I’m starting to plan his first birthday party.  I keep changing my mind from tiny and intimate to huge blowout.  Not sure what to do because I want to have it at my house, but I don’t have the space.  As long as people can be outside and swim I think we’ll be okay, but if it happens to be a nasty day, being crammed in my house is not fun!

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  1. He is getting around so good!! We need to get these boys together soon, I think their personalities are so similar, they will have a blast together in the years to come!