Monday, June 28, 2010

Amanda’s Shower, Round 1

Yesterday was the first of many showers for my cousin Amanda.  Yesterday was a small shower with my Mom’s side of the family (our Mom’s are sisters.)  Next, I’m going to throw a really small and casual shower here.  Then, her best friend Megan is throwing her a small brunch at her house, and then I think her Mom is going to throw a small one for her other side of the family.  Amanda and I have grown up close because we are only four months apart and we are related on both sides of our family.  Our Moms are sisters, and our Dads are cousins.  It sounds weird, but it’s not.  My Mom brought her sister, Amanda’s Mom to a family function of my Dad’s, and she met Craig, who is my Dad’s cousin and the rest is history!  So, there is rarely a family event where we’re not together! 

The shower was held at my Aunt Eileen’s house and it was wonderful!  It was a great day with family and Amanda got some wonderful gifts.  Luke got to play with his cousin Winston, who is less than two weeks younger than him. 

Amanda, me, and Baby Andrea Jane (probable, not definite name)







this is Amanda’s brother Craig.  As soon as I took this he said “this better not go on the internet.”   Ha… fat chance Craig :)


Luke watching Amanda open her gifts over the top of the couch


quilt made by her Mom


the outfit Amanda wore home from the hospital!



Then Luke took a dip in Winston’s baby pool.  He was acting like a crazy man!




I’m so excited for Amanda, Kevin, and the rest of the showers!  I can’t wait for our kids to be friends for life like we are.  I’m so lucky to have Amanda in my life and I know Andrea is going to be an amazing little lady!

Luke has had injuries pretty much every day for the past four days.  Yesterday I was chasing him around the coffee table and he pulled himself up on the couch and got so excited from me “getting him” that he let go to flail his arms around and bumped his head.  Today he fell and busted his lip on his toy box.  He’s a tough little guy though, I guess this is the life of a little boy, right? 

Tonight Hunter is spending the night and Luke has had a fun day with his big cousin.




  1. Oh luke you are so adorable! I'm right there with you on the accidents...guess we better get used to it now, these boys are gonna be getting into everything!