Monday, June 28, 2010

Phone Pictures

Just found a couple of cute pictures on my phone and decided to share.

This one is from Thursday.  On the way home from having Luke’s additional blood work done (we still haven’t heard anything), I swung into the park because the baby was crying and the car in front of my was doing 10 under the speed limit, and the combination of these two things caused me to swing into the park a few miles from our house for a little break. 

The swing is a little big for Baby Luke


And on Father’s Day Luke was SO exhausted that he sat in the chair with me while I fed him his bottle and then as soon as he was done with his bottle he kind of whimpered and rolled over on his stomach and immediately fell asleep on my chest.  It melted my heart.  I handed him over to my Dad while I packed us up to go home and here he is with his Grandpa on Father’s Day


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  1. So sweet Luke! I posted an old high school picture of us on my most recent post, check it out!