Tuesday, June 22, 2010

And Just Because…

My Dad got a special Father’s Day paragraph, and my Mom barely got a mention on Mother’s Day, I think she deserves a special post.  I clearly wasn’t in a bloggy mood when I gave our Mothers a brief shout out in my Mother’s Day post.  My Mom deserves way more than that.  She has taken care of Luke since before he was born by taking care of me while I was pregnant, especially while I was on bed rest.  She came over almost every day and cooked for me, cleaned for me, and ran errands for me.  Once Luke was born she was here all the time, keeping me sane when I was exhausted.  She was willing to do anything and still is.  When she goes out of her way to do something and I tell her that’s ridiculous, it’s too much, I feel bad she always says “Are you kidding me?  Patty, this is the joy of my life!”  Becoming a grandmother has made her so incredibly happy and she just can’t get enough of Luke. 

My Mom had a job that she loved, but didn’t have to have, and she left it to watch Luke.  She worked as a receptionist at the salon where I work now.  I know she misses the adult interaction, and she has been able to go back for a few hours a week now, but she dropped her job to watch Luke and I don’t know how I can ever thank her for that! 

I was a pain in the butt teenager and even though I would consider myself a “good kid” who kept my grades up and stayed out of trouble most of the time, I can remember times when I was so disrespectful to my Mom, I want to go back in time and slap me in the face like I know my Mom wanted to.  Being older, I understand the reason behind pretty much everything she ever did that made me angry.  I can see myself being the same way in the future when I’m trying to raise kids with values, respect, and manners. 

Okay, so to summarize, thanks to Mom for everything you’ve ever done.  I have you to thank for the person I am today, and I’m happy with that person.  I hope that I can use everything you taught me to raise happy kids myself.  I don’t know what we would do without you.  I know that it would be a much more stressful life!  We can never thank you enough or repay you for all the wonderful things you’ve done for our family.  We love you!

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  1. Awww this was so sweet and so true...there really is nothing like a Mother's love and the sacrifices she is willing to make for her children :)