Monday, March 7, 2011

Franzi's Shower

First, just a quick update on Luke's health. He's doing much better. We're still doing his breathing treatments, but his appetite is much better and his spirits are way up. He's acting like his normal self.

Yesterday we headed to my Aunt Mimmy's house for Jamie and Franzi's baby shower. Jamie is my cousin (Aunt Miriam's son), and Franzi is his beautiful wife. She came here from Germany as an au pair several years ago, met Jamie, fell in love, and the rest is history :)

Oh man, Mom! This is a girl party!

Poor baby Andrea... "why are they doing this to me??"

Luke sharing his balloons with Mary Beth

He LOVED their big dog, Jack. He kept pointing at him yelling DOG!

Aunt Mimmy and Luke

Proud Aunt Katie and Baby Andrea

Franzi had her sister Stefanie in Germany on Skype for most of the shower so she could be there with her. Stefanie is also due to have a baby VERY soon. I think within two weeks of Franzi.

Jamie making a strange face, which is very normal for him.

booties that Lynsi crocheted for me to give them. Little Converse sneakers!

Luke playing gift bingo with his cousin Isabelle.

We're so happy for you Jamie and Franzi! Congratulations on your beautiful growing family. Love you so much!

After the shower we went home and rested for a little while and then headed out to meet my fam at Sakura. It was Luke's first time and he LOVED it. He ate my whole bowl of soup/broth and loved when they set the grill on fire. He also lost his freaking mind when Tommy was catching shrimp in his mouth. He was laughing so hard and jerking back and forth like he was dancing kind of. It was hysterical. I'm so happy that he's feeling better.

That's about it for now. I'll be back later in the week for my 13 week update. 2nd trimester, here I come!

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  1. So glad luke is feeling better!! Sakura sounds delicious right now. And YAY for the 2nd trimester! Can't wait to hear the update on how things are progressing :)