Thursday, March 10, 2011

Luke Update and 13 Weeks!

I thought that Luke was getting much better, but his doctor didn’t agree.  Tommy took him to his follow up appointment on Monday and she was not pleased with the amount of progress he had made with his breathing treatments since Thursday, so she prescribed him a new medication that she wants him to take morning and night for the next three months.  Right now we just have a nebulizer on rental, but we’re going to have to buy one to give him the twice daily treatments.  I don’t have all the information because it came secondhand from Tommy, but we have to take him back in a month for another follow up on the new medication.  He is doing great though and isn’t acting sick at all even though I can still hear a little congestion when he coughs.  Please just pray that he doesn’t have any serious or permanent respiratory issues!

Now, here’s what Alphamom has to say about week 13

Your Baby:

  • Is about three inches long, the size of a jumbo shrimp, or a very small ramekin of tartar sauce.
  • Has his or her own unique fingerprints already.
  • Has intestines on the INSIDE of his or her body. (They start developing outside the body, in the umbilical cord, and then sort of…migrate up to their proper home around 13 weeks. I know. Biology is WEIRD, dude.)
  • Will look less and less like a Big Giant Head and more and more proportionate as the next weeks tick by.


  • Are probably not puking anymore? But don’t freak out if you still are? I generally feel iffy until around week 16, although right now I’m only suffering from the occasional dry heave (on Tuesdays. Every damn Tuesday.) and have actual full days where I want to eat everything in sight because it’s all so gooooood.
  • Are probably not as tired anymore? Unless you are me? I still can’t seem to get enough sleep or make it through the day without a catnap. Although maybe I am just very lazy.
  • May start glowing soon, like everybody always talks about. The “glow” is actually just hormonal changes in your skin’s oil production, but it seems most people find it dewy and lovely instead of…ew, gross, oil.
  • Your hair and nails might be changing as well — a lot of women stop shedding hair during their pregnancies, leading to very thick heads of hair that may also grow faster. Fingernails tend to get stronger and longer as well, which I can personally attest to BEING AWESOME.

I’m loving the move into the second trimester.  I feel like this pregnancy is really going by quickly.  This has probably been the sickest week yet for me and Luke just thinks it’s hilarious when I start gagging.  I think he thinks I’m just making a funny face and a funny noise so he’ll crack up and then imitate me.  I was sick with Luke until week 18, so I’m wondering if this is going to be a repeat performance.  I have definitely had less headaches though, and they bother me way more than getting sick, so I have to say overall this week has been way better.  And Em, I have definitely stepped up my water consumption and you were right, I probably wasn’t drinking as much as I should.  I had been slacking. 

I had a doctor’s appt. on Tuesday and got to hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time!  It sounded very good and strong at 160 bpm. 

I’m going to try to get a video today of Luke doing and saying some of our favorite things… we’ll see how that goes :) 


  1. Haha, I suck at making sure I'm drinking enough water too! We all need to listen to Emily I guess :). Congrats on the 2nd trimester!!!

  2. Aww poor guy!! What doctor do you go to??

    Happy 13 weeks!! :)

  3. I'm sorry but to picture you gagging and Luke laughing and mocking you is hilarious to me! Hope the sickness goes away soon! Keep us posted with the situation with Luke...I can't believe he has to be on the meds for 3 months!