Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sicky Boy

Poor Luke is not feeling so hot. Actually, we're all sick. I took Luke to the doctor yesterday and she said his ears were clear and his chest sounded good and said to just use saline drops and turn on his humidifier. He had a horrible night last night and I ended up bringing him in bed with us for a couple of hours until I couldn't take it anymore because he is a horrible bed companion! Now he's coughing alot, which he wasn't doing yesterday, and sounds very short of breath and wheezy. It sounds like it's taking alot of work just for him to breathe. I have a call in to his doctor's office because I don't want to end up at after hours care this weekend like we did last time we let it ride. Also, because I'm off all day today and don't want to wait until tomorrow when one of us will have to take off. I'll let you all know how everything works out!


  1. Mama knows best. Take care, I hope he feels better!!

  2. I hope he feels better soon!! Bryce is sick with a horrible cough (again) too! Something must be going around, yet again!