Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Odds and Ends

I missed my 15 week update, so I'll just pick up with 16 weeks on Thursday. Friday Luke and I headed to Silver Spring to pick up some cookies made by Carla Hall from Top Chef. I always watch Top Chef and Carla was one of my favorite contestants, and I saw she was starting a new venture with cookies. I had told myself she wouldn't be there, but we got there and out she came from the kitchen! Our order wasn't ready, so she invited me into the kitchen while her assistant was packing my order up. It was so exciting! Probably the closest I've come to meeting a celebrity. She took a picture with Luke and gave him a big chocolate chip cookie :) Friday night the three of us went to dinner at Outback and then dropped the baby off with my Mom and Tommy and I went to see Limitless.

Saturday my sisters and I had tickets to see Jo Koy (from Chelsea Lately) at the DC Improv. For Christmas instead of getting each other gifts we just bought tickets to a show. Also, Carrie's birthday is this Saturday, so it was kind of a birthday outing, too. We had dinner at Firefly and headed over to the Improv. Jo Koy was so funny. Probably my favorite comedian I've ever seen.

notice our photo bomber in the background :)

Sunday we just chilled around the house and then went to Red Robin for dinner. I was craving it badly and we wanted to go out to dinner because Tommy left yesterday morning for training in North Carolina until late Friday night :( I honestly think Luke can tell his Dad is gone. He's been acting kind of strange, especially in the evenings. Last night we went to Outback for Lynsi's birthday with a big group of friends who Luke is very comfortable with and he didn't say one word the WHOLE time and was very clingy.

Luke is saying a new word pretty much every day. He knows some new animal sounds, including an "angry cat" which is a hilarious "hissssss" noise. Thanks Daddy.

his first time in flip flops! We were trying on his new shorts and flip flops :)

Last night I spiked his hair like this before we went to Outback and he found a comb and brushed it all down :)

And sweet baby Calla after Luke kept messing with her hood. I love this child.


  1. You are so funny. You are making me want chocolate chip cookies but I never followed that show so I dont know that celebrity. i do however Love Chelsey Lately! Your girls night looked fun and Luke looks so cute with spiked hair. Oh and they do know when Daddy is away. That is one of the big struggles military families have with children. The kids get way sad or show it with anger or acting up. Good thing it is a short trip for Tommy.

  2. That's awesome that you got to meet the girl from Top Chef - and I bet Joe Koy was hilarious!! Love the pics of my adorable little man.